Kimberly Gross, VP of Hypnobabies, HCHI, HCHD

I have been empowering and supporting families as an educator, doula and student midwife since 2006. My extensive experience in the birthing field  allows me to bring specific expertise and invaluable skills to my teaching, my Hypno-Doula engagements and my work as Vice President at Hypnobabies, LLC … and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else – I love my job!  I am always happy to help families have a much easier and more comfortable birth, so please let me know how I can serve you best.


Saturdays, May 20th – June 24th – 11 am – 2:15 pm
Fridays, June 9th – July 14th – 6 pm – 9:15 pm
Saturdays, July 15th – August 19th – 11 am – 2:15 pm
Saturdays, September 9th – October 14th – 11 am – 2:15 pm
Saturdays, October 28th – December 2nd – 11 am – 2:15 pm

From the first time we met Kim, we felt a comfortable and familiar bond with her.  Through her HypnoBabies course we became more informed about and at ease with the birthing process and all its wonderful facets, and we grew closer as a team.  During my pregnancy, Kim was always available in person, by phone, or email to answer our questions, steady our minds, offer encouragement.  The day my water broke, she was the voice of calm, coming to our home to be with us while I labored at home and met us at the hospital for what was, I can only say, an amazing birth experience.  She was encouraging when I needed it, quiet when I needed it, and in all ways available when I needed anything.  When we had to make a decision that veered slightly from our birth plan, Kim was the voice of experience and compassion and helped us make an informed and appropriate choice.  Her support and companionship has not ended with the birth of our beautiful son, and we are so thankful to count Kim among our friends.

Lisa Kooi and Curtis Christensen

Where do we start?  We truly enjoyed your Hypnobabies class that was so crucial and provided a strong foundation for us.  It was such a wonderful experience.  It was strange to experience something that we advocate for as medical social scientists—but this time we were the participants not the researchers.  It was one of those transformative moments where our way of being was impacted at a profound level.  The weekly classes and the daily “homeplay” were critical for what waited for us during our birthing experience.  After taking the classes it became clear that we needed you on our birthing team!

Our decision to use a doula proved to be a fortunate decision.  Beatriz’ water broke but she did not have any birthing waves!  You were very helpful during the 24-hour period when we waited for the birthing waves to start.  As soon as we entered the hospital the OB/GYN insisted on an aggressive intervention strategy that started with pitocin.  Luckily—you knew how to politic and schmooze with the nurses.  All of the nurses respected our decision to use Hypnobabies.  Part of the Hypnobabies training involved not being confrontational—fend for yourself but do it with restraint.

As the lead birth coach for Beatriz it was very reassuring having such a birth expert by our side.  You took care of our needs and us during our birthing time.  You reminded us of our cues and suggested which hypno track to listen to.  Yes dads-to-be are central to the birthing experience but having such a knowledgeable team member is priceless.  After many hours and a dramatically increased pitocin drip—Beatriz was not dilating “fast enough” as defined by the hospital and the on-call OB/GYN.  You stepped in with the nurses on duty and you recommended some key birthing wave body positioning to “move things along.”  And after an hour of experiencing the birthing waves in these positions—we avoided what appeared to be an inevitable cesarean section.  For this we are truly grateful we decided to use a doula and more specifically to work with you!

 Even after the birth you continued to help us.  In fact—we still maintain communication.  I enjoy referring my friends to you and asking you for various referrals.  We look forward to working with you again in the future as our doula again…if we are so blessed to have another child!  Thank you for helping us meet our baby!

Un abrazo,

Beatriz, Alexandro and Alexandra Xochiquetzali

Kim is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to my closest of friends and family.  She is an amazing advocate, educator, and all around great support system who my husband and I have quickly learned to trust and count on for help and guidance for the birth of our last two children.

5-6 years ago we took her Hypnobabies class and because she is so great at what she does, we hired her to be our doula to which she positively supported us providing home-visits and ongoing care even after the birth of my first son.

Because of the exceptional support and education, we signed up for another class of hers which helped us  with our most recent birthing experience for our now 5 month old son.  She makes herself available when in need and while in the middle of the birthing process she was there for us and was nothing less than dependable, encouraging, and knowledgeable.

We owe so much to Kim and the experience she’s provided.  We are truly grateful for her wisdom and am so fortunate that she continues to be in the line of work that she is……She’s also a lot of fun too.  Hypnobabies’ class time is pretty enjoyable.

Lori & Nobel