We often forget that while women have been dreaming of becoming a mother and kissing teeny tiny feet for many years, some men might start thinking about their child when they have one on the way. One thing they definitely do not think about it the birth of the baby or the birthing process! To understand their perspective, we also have to realize that they do not feel nausea, hiccups, kicks, the urge to pee 20 times daily or random cravings in the middle of the day. However, if you ask them, they will all agree that they want to be 100% involved in bringing their baby into the world and be with their partner every step of the way.

That’s what Hypnobabies does for dads – it gives them the CONFIDENCE and INFORMATION needed to be a birthing mother’s Birth Partner – to know what to expect, what normal birthing looks like, the perfect words needed to soothe a birthing woman, how to anticipate a birthing mother’s needs and how to truly be there for her.

I tell all my students that gone are the days, where the dads pace in a room outside, waiting to light up that cigar as they await news of the birth of their child. They are in the trenches, front and center, and the BEST thing they could have done to be prepared is to have taken a Hypnobabies class. I cannot even count the number of hugs and grateful handshakes I get from birth partners at the end of class because of the knowledge they gained and the self confidence in their ability to fulfill their role and be the best dad they can be, starting with being an amazing support to moms during the birth.

Honestly, dads need more than just to massage a mom’s feet and fetch water during the birth. With the Hypnobabies training, couples start working together right from the first class so that birth partners can help moms in much more meaningful ways during the birth. One thing I always remind the birth partners in my class is that despite the OBs, nurses, midwives and even a doula around…NO ONE knows mom like the dad does. No one knows her unspoken cues, her innermost self, her comfort and discomfort zones, her triggers, her fears and with all the knowledge they gain from the Hypnobabies Class, they can ascertain what moms need and do exactly what’s needed.

To those dads, committed to the well being of their partner and child, I say – YOU can have a major impact on how the birth if your child can go. Come join us in Hypnobabies class to learn more on how to make the best of one of the most miraculous days of your life!

Author: Shaz Rahman
Certified Hypnobabies Instructor