Have you ever wondered how in the world hypnosis for childbirth actually helps you have a better birth experience?  I’ve heard a lot skepticism in the last 9 years, from the very first time I chose a natural birth using Hypnobabies, to just today receiving an email from a prospective student who said her husband was a little hesitant about the whole process.  If you’re unfamiliar with hypnosis, or your only exposure is watching stage hypnotists seemingly make people do silly and embarrassing things on stage, then you’re not alone.  It’s always fun to watch the faces of the birth partners in class light up when we talk about the science behind hypnosis, meaning, how the mind controls the body completely. Through choosing to relax the body, and then the mind, we have access to the subconscious part of the mind where our imaginations, our memories, our feelings and our beliefs are stored; and from there, real positive changes in perceptions and beliefs can be made in a relatively short period of time.

When we help someone, and this case, a pregnant woman, get to such a relaxed state that we have direct access to her subconscious mind, we can then provide direct suggestions to her subconscious mind that form a new and very positive belief system about childbirth – allowing her to relax and really enjoy the rest of her pregnancy and look forward to her baby’s birthing time with confidence and happy anticipation.  In this same state, she will be repetitively learning how to utilize hypnosis tools to transform her birthing sensations using just the power of her incredible mind.  Because – the mind controls the body completely and when we think about something in a positive way, and believe it to be so, the experience will ultimately manifest as such.

It’s also eye opening to birth partners when we go around the room and talk about what we’ve all heard or seen our whole lives regarding the childbirth experience.  I typically like to call on a birth partner or two for their perspective after I’ve called on the moms to share.  More often than not, their stories are as negative and scary as the moms’ stories.  When we then talk about how we can create a new belief system in mom’s mind – and birth partner’s too! – by using the power of daily hypnosis training, so that their baby’s birthing can be positive and joyful, their faces, without fail, totally light up and are ready to learn more.

Occasionally, I’ll have a birth partner in class who meditates, or who’s used hypnosis for positive change in his/her life for one reason or another, and it’s always inspiring to the others to hear their experiences using hypnosis to better their lives. My personal favorite, though, is having a repeat student in class, who’s birth partner was at first skeptical, and then comes back for baby #2 and shares their story with the group.  As a hypno-mom myself, I value the perspective I have to share with my students, since I’ve actually been in their shoes, but having a repeat couple in my class to drive home my message is even better.

My overall message in class is always the same – birth doesn’t have to be scary or negative, and that we experience it like that, in part, because we’ve grown up believing that this is just how childbirth is.  The moms who have decided they want something different, more positive and empowering, for their baby’s birthing, and find the Hypnobabies program to help them achieve their goal of having an easier, more comfortable birth, will find that it truly does help them “break the habit” so to speak, from the old belief patterns.  They “re-program” themselves through daily hypnosis training to have a much better experience; and ultimately not just bring their baby into world much more comfortably and much more peacefully, but also be part of the paradigm shift in how we view the childbirth process and how strong women really are.

The role of hypnosis is much more about breaking the cycle of bad habits and negative belief patterns.  It’s used therapeutically now for many reasons, primarily to help gain positive change in someone’s life.  Hypnosis can help a person let go of negative thoughts and beliefs, and along with it comes more positive views on the specific goals they are trying to achieve.  Whether that be smoking cessation, sleep issues, weight loss, getting over fears and anxiety, to building confidence, better concentration, or having an easier birthing experience. If you have a goal you’d like to achieve, hypnosis works by directly by accessing your subconscious mind to create that change in a short period of time.  All you have to do is choose it for yourself and let brain science do the rest.

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